About Me

Hello! My name is Edwin Sanchez. I'm a Full Stack Web Developer. I graduated from Wyncode Academy in August 2019. This was a full-time program for 10 weeks where as a student I was challenged to learn multiple programming languages and frameworks. Included were HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby; working in frameworks such as React.js, Node.js, Express, Ruby/React on Rails. I was fortunate to start my program concurrently with a UX/UI cohort which meant many opportunities to collaborate. We worked on two major projects in this course. This dynamic gave me more interest and excitement to become a member of a team for future projects.

Now as a Full Stack Web Developer I plan to find an employer than will help me grow as a developer while I give value to the company. A core value Wyncode has instills in students is NEVER STOP LEARNING. I plan to do just that.